About Sergio Alvarez

Conversations with Sergio Alvarez are like driving a “zoom zoom car” – interaction with him is seamless, pertinent and dynamic. This entrepreneur provides first-class services to his clients with a combination of 360-degree perspective, empathy, cultural competence, intellectual curiosity and adaptability. By asking different kinds of questions, he has led his company Ai Media Group to propose solutions that are distinctive from traditional business units. Sergio says the engine for growth is passion.

“What are you passionate about?” Sergio recalls a general sales manager’s question of his very first job interview. “I said, cars. Then they told me to clarify and I did. And as I continued, they stopped the interview and said I was hired. The reason behind that was if you could have this much passion about something else, that can be translated into sales, and into your career.” Today as the CEO of a company, he is thrilled to find and work with a smart and passionate


The Guardian
Huffington post

New York times



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